Imagine women all over the World, looking at their watches, hurrying home from work, feeding their kids, having a quick evening shower to finally surrender to that one moment they’ve been waiting for all day. Lying in bed with Fifty Shades of Grey. Not their boyfriend, just Mr. Grey and Anastasia Steele, playing their surreal games of dominance and submission.

That is how perfectly fine and satisfying sexual relationships in every household Worldwide were temporarily paused…

Because Mr. Grey is such a strong symbol of something a lot of us secretly and subconsciously want… Male sexual dominance! Sexual energy between male and female has changed markedly during the past 40 years when the war of equalization between gender has been fought (and still is). Such a fascinating and beautiful development happening in such a short period of time. Media is talking about how women are taking over the world (at least in some ways) and I honestly do believe, that in some ways we are. Leaving man and his penis behind. Compromising that delicate sexual energetic dance between attracted partners.

What we seem to anxiously avoid (and what I almost dare not say out loud) is that perhaps not in every situation man and woman are supposed to be equals. Maybe man was born to dominate his woman sexually, penetrating and captivating her with his proud erect penis. But since we’ve become independent strong women we are having a really difficult time letting our partners seduce us, blindfold us, handcuff us and gag us. Because the meaning of that happening would be unjustifiable taking the past 40 years into account.

I dare say that this is contributing to sexual dissatisfaction that many people are experiencing. Women are not spontaneously having those 5 different kinds of genital orgasms they were promised by last months Vogue heading. Men are struggling to keep their manhood erect, their doctors telling them it’s because they smoke and have a genetic vulnerability to heart disease. I say, women are struggling because they are anxiously holding on to the idea of Miss Independence, Miss do-it-all-by-herself. And men are struggling as wounded warriors on the battlefield, disarmed and emasculated.

What should we do? Let us surrender to the fundamental attractiveness and energy of playing with sexual dominance and submission. Pleasing our wounded partners to captivate us with his physical superiority. For once letting (momentarily) go of what is constraining us whether it be morals, society or the history of female liberation.

This is why you’ll find your girlfriend lying in bed every night not noticing your presence. Mr. Grey is seducing her. He’s fucking her brains out ruthlessly and pervertedly, reminding her that she is a naughty little girl in need of a serious spanking. Mr. Grey is imprisoning your girlfriend as his sex slave in the Red Room, and he intends to keep her there for as long as he pleases.

Maybe you ought to win back her vagina and female submission by releasing her sexual desires…?